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Surving with a Positive Attitude

Throughout our lifetime many of us are met with challenges and hurdles without any warning. Whether it is the loss of a job, diagnosis of a disease or death of the someone close, how we face the situation is important. The initial shock may be the biggest setback; however, the future reaction will be the most telling.

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Many of us have "write a book" on our Bucket List. But only a few will take the time and make the effort to actually do it. This book was written by my friend Alan H. Kideckel and it chronicles the importance of both faith and a Positive Mental Attitude as he, his friends, family and loved ones have dealt with adversity. I'm struggling with writing a good description because the stories Alan tells are far more personal than I would be comfortable sharing about myself. But they are truly from the heart and the details he shares will help the stories hit home, connect with others working through adversities, and maybe furnish that "light at the end of the tunnel" that we all need from time to time. I'm glad I read it. Good job Alan.

- Dean Smith

My friend , Alan H. Kideckel, has shared with us how to navigate life, amidst challenges and sadness, with a positive attitude. His courage and strength throughout are something to be admired.

-Ellyn Raminick Rosenbaum Freedman


Hearing about Alan's experiences will help you navigate through some of your most difficult times. His ability to rise above challenges, always maintaining a positive attitude and perspective, will help your group navigate changes in a positive manner. Book Alan for corporate, medical, nonprofit, and grief counseling events.  

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